Did I text her too early?

I jut got this phone number like an hour ago, but I was weary to know if that was actually her number, since I know how girls like to give false number and well I liked the girl anyways. So I texted her an hour later saying "Hey it was nice to meet you xxxx sorry we didn't have more time to chat or dance more, but it was nice to meet you. Let's talk later"

What do you think?


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  • not the best way to start off. don't apologize for one, she probably doesn't care that you didn't have enough time to chat or dance. women LOVE mystery the less they know the more they want to chase you. leave a little mystery and ull have them calling you being the clingy one, ha!. otherwise, no I don't think you texted too early. while I myself would have waited a day or two just to keep them guessing, texting early can show that you know what you want, very attractive in a guy (to a girl). hope this helps. :)

    • well I apologized more because we didn't have enough time to talk, something along those lines if you know what I mean. I wasn't trying to imply it was my fault

    • like I said, don't apologize. its a sign of weakness. women want strong men

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