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Please can someone help me and give me some serious tough advice?

some serious advice needed..
I have been dating this guy for 4 months now we was dating last year but he was childish and wanted to focus on uni so we stopped. Since November last year this guy has been chasing me to get back with him I only gave in, in March to decide to give things another go. Ever since we have just been chilling at my place and been on 4 walks. He says he’s got no money for dates mind you I haven’t even been introduced to any of his friends or anything don’t even know them to be fair. I even offered to pay for the dates. Mind you he lives at home and dosent pay bills so all he is paying for is his driving lessons at the moment. He must earn about £1000 a month. I have my own place and pay my own bills he said to me once he could never have a girl who is doing better than him. Everytime I try to tell him my feelings he says im arguing. But everytime I do try to leave him he comes running back. I’ve blocked him a few times now and he’s come running back. He asked if I blocked him on Snapchat again I panicked and said I deleted snapchat. We are planning to meet up tomorrow to talk now I don’t even know what to do? I have deep feelings for this guy but I know what he’s doing isn’t right. ☹️☹️
Please can someone help me and give me some serious tough advice?
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