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Pls! I need a help in my relationship?

we are in ldr relationship for 5 month and we never meet in real we have planned too. first 4 month it went really good but the last month she said we can't be together since we are different religion and i convinced her that i will change my religion and she said if you do that i will be with you forever. she started talking with me normally for some days and again she started to ignore me i kept on asking why she said im tired of everything and we cam be friends for now and. never talked with me. and i kept on asking we can be in relationship and she ageeed for that and said not like before i will not talk to you more and i will be with you forever only if my parents agreed ( first she said if i change my religion she will be now if her parents agree) and it went for 3 days how many i texted she just say okay im busy i felt like she ignoring me and not interested so i decided to ask whats really in her mind

she said what ever you do my parents won't accept i dont know how she saying without even saying to them and said im consuming more of her time. and said she doesn't want to get attached with me more since we will separate finally i dont kmow why she is so sure
and said dont text me let me be the one to text you first
the next day she send a pic of her and i just said cute and stopped and the same happened next day and today is the third day she never texted a single message

what should i do next? what is really happening how to get her back?
Pls! I need a help in my relationship?
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