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Am I overthinking (online dating) ?

Been talking to a new girl past few weeks, she lives sorta close in the next state, everything was good so far, flirting, chit chat, Even some dirty talk, and plans of a future meet up soon, today that sorta changed.. she said she was going to a bonfire the night before, I had plans with my friends for the afternoon, no biggie I thought we are both busy people.. well today the day of the bonfire and friend hangout, she said she was going out for drinks but going to the gun range.. (I myself have used that as a 1st date) and has been radio silence the whole afternoon, seen her on her online dating profile before the radio silence I forgotten to mention that.. I mean I have no control over what she is doing today, but she has also lead me to believe that she was really into me and this is the 1st time that she maybe playing the field despite what she said... I don't know is this something I should be looking into or something I should bring up? Should I cut my losses and move on with or without saying anything? Any advice would be helpful
Am I overthinking (online dating) ?
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