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How do I tell this guy he’s being boring?

I met a guy a few years ago on a dating site and ended up getting into a relationship but he and I stayed friends on Facebook.

We recently reconnected about 3 weeks ago and have been talking daily and have FaceTimed a couple of times.
We have plans to meet up in two weeks and he says he’s so excited, it’ll be so fun, he can’t wait, etc. and seems very into me.

He will text me every morning and start the initial conversation but then will not bring anything new up.
If I stop answering after the initial text, he won’t say anything or ask anything unless I ask him something.
He never asks how my evening is going or what I did that day, normal stuff like that. Occasionally he’ll say something but majority of the time, he won’t say anything else the rest of the day.

So basically, unless I continually bring up new topics, he won’t say anything.
But yet he always texts me first everyday. It’s almost like he doesn’t know how to keep a conversation going.

I even hinted yesterday that it’s a deal breaker for me if I’m always the one that has to bring up new stuff to talk about and he said “oh I’m sorry if I’m not initiating conversation; just been a long day” which I get, but it’s everyday.
How do I tell him he’s being boring? It’s really becoming an issue for me but I didn’t wanna give up because he’s a good guy in other ways

TLDR; guy never continues the conversation
How do I tell this guy he’s being boring?
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