Is this a good excuse not to text me?

Well basically we used to text all the time flirting and Haven't for 2/3 months since I last saw him. But he sent me a message when I was out asking how my night was on thurs and that his friend said he saw me, and that there was an early train and me and my best friend could stay at his parents and he would make up beds for us and give us a lift home. I have slept with him twice which is why I thought he stopped talking to me (got what he wanted) but then he started again and the fact my friend was there and it was at his parents and making up beds wasn't an invitation for sex. Well I started talking to him last night on Facebook and it was a bit awkward at first but then got flowing well so I said text me tomorrow so I don't get bored lol and he just said "im playing cricket again 2moz" and I said not all day lol you should have gone to bed ages ago (because he's got problems with his heart and needs to rest) and he just said "yer I'm going now night". So what does he not wanna text me? :s he's so confusing!

He's just started talking to me again? Wth? Don't know what to do to move this forward!


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