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How can I convince my friend his girlfriend’s a catfish?

So for the past almost 5 years, a long time friend of mine has been seeing this girl he met on a online. From the get-go, I didn’t have a lot of confidence in the situation. They live in different, far apart states, and she would never get on her microphone (they met on a gaming platform) with him. Once he got her number, she still wouldn’t talk to him on the phone and get mad when he asked. So he stopped asking. They’ve been on and off all of this time, due to her weird, secretive personality. He’s offered to meet her, and she would ghost him for a few days when he mentioned that. For his bday back in March, they were planning for her to see him, and he’d pay for her plane ticket. She went ghost again. Up until that point, he didn’t want to tell me this, but I guess they STILL hadn’t spoken on the phone, or FaceTime. All these years, it’s been texting only! Most recently was the kicker. His best friend was getting married in her state last weekend, so my friend told her months in advance, when he got the invitation. My friend quit his job because he wanted a week off, for the wedding and to have a few days with her, and he couldn’t get it approved. He goes out there, tells her he’s 20 mins away from her city and saved to get a rental and a room for them, and she went ghost for 4 days. When they finally spoke, she broke up with him! This was last Saturday, and she reached back out to him yesterday. I’m trying, and keep on trying, to convince him that not only is she a catfish but I think it’s actually a boy, since she won’t even get on the phone. My friend is so deep in love and hopeful though, that he won’t listen. Is there anything I can do to change his mind? Or should i leave it alone? It’s not my business but i just hate seeing him so crushed.
How can I convince my friend his girlfriend’s a catfish?
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