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Am I dumb? Did I make a bad decision?

Hi everyone,
I feel really embarassed. I posted my photo on here and 3 of the guys who responded said it looked like I wouldn't date them and like I needed to date someone on my level judging from my photo which was really classy upperclass.

I met a guy who offered for me to live with him when I lived at my grandmas. I was rather broke, was a victim of medical malpractice , but I had a call center job and I was expecting mto make first and last months rent. I got sexually harassed everyday by my trainers and constantly put on the spot for 8 hours training. This was normal for me.

The guy I felt insecure sometimes around him about my weight and looks because of the hospital and having a harder time doing things. So when women would try to vye afterhim when we were out eating I got bothered. Anyway he offered I stay at his condo which was very nice and private.

But-- I was dead set on a sugar daddy to move out of my grandmas. My grandma is greedy and financially abused my dad, he died and i somewhat hated her for taking advantage of his good nature and also I figured, why go with this guy and he possibly get upset at me and i have ot depend on him ( I dont know how to live with people )

He was kind but told me I was being too high maintenence. Should I text him hi and tell him my name?

After I got fired from my jobs again from the stupid shit and working at bad customer service jobs that I was better than I would get barraged by schizophrenia and it was like someone was punching me sometimes like a ghost and something from the exorcist.
Now, I feel like I should of lived with him, even if he turned out to be some kind of abuser. I guess.
I also am embarassed tht i did meet an older man as a SD (we were a relationship) but I dont want anyone to know I was looking for a SD and I want to be an actress still.

Am I dumb? Now I suffer from insomnia and schizophrenia a
Am I dumb? Did I make a bad decision?
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