My boyfriend seems to not care or want to get together with me?

okay so last Thursday me and my boyfriend were hanging out at school during lunch and I asked him what he was doing that weekend. (it was Easter weekend so we would have the Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday off). he said he was just going to be hanging out with his friend and asked what I had planned. I told him I didn't have any plans, hoping he'd ask me to hang out with him. (I asked him to hang out the last 2 times and wanted him to ask me this time). So he asked me if I wanted to hang out on Sunday and on Monday, and I said sure. Sunday came and he texted me in the afternoon saying that he hadn't been feeling well over the past few days and that maybe we would just hangout Monday morning if he was feeling better. So I said that was fine, and for him to text me to let me know what's happening. Then Monday came and he said he still felt sick and that we should "just chill when I'm feeling better, and we can hang out on multiple occasions during the week like maybe Tuesday", so I was like okay sounds good. then on Tuesday (our first day back from Easter weekend) he wasn't at school, and so I waited until 3:25 for him to text me saying what's happening but he never did, so I texted him asking if we were still hanging out. he replied " I stayed home sick so I don't know if my mom would let me:(" so it was understandable that he wouldn't be allowed to hangout and so I was like okay that's fine. Then he wasn't at school Wednesday or Thursday, and I didn't hear from him or text him or get a text from him or anything, I just let him be. Friday morning I saw him at school and he was in a good mood, like he gave me a hug and was good and everything, and I saw him again for another 2 minutes before 2nd period and he was like "see you at lunch:)" so I saw him at lunch with his friends but he never came to talk to me or say hi or anything, but then I saw him in the hall near the end of lunch and he said hi to me when I was passing him, and I was going to go see him to talk to him but I had to go put something in my locker first, and when I came back to see him he had already left. I Haven't talked to him since we briefly spoke Friday morning, and I Haven't texted him at all. He said we'd hang out when he's feeling better, and I know he was out with his friends last night and Friday night, what should I do? should I text him asking him what's going on with us ? or should I continue to wait and see if he's going to come up to me and talk to me? it's werd Because we never got into an argument and when we talked we were totally good, so I don't know why he hasn't texted me yet. :(


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  • I wouldn't be too quick to label it as him not caring or wanting to see you, it kind of seems like a misunderstanding. Talk to him about it, don't text him because that's lame, if you're going to have a meaningful conversation do it face to face with words.

    • thank youu, yeah I hope its just a miscommunication :s I'm going to wait until tomorrow at school to ask him about him about it.

    • sounds good, no worries

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