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I’m becoming obsessed with his girlfriend?

I briefly dated someone on tinder that didn’t work out. He has a girlfriend now and I think I’m becoming more obsessed with her than I was with him.

Not only she has the most perfect boyfriend in the world but she has the most perfect life. She was liked in high school, unlike me. She has lots of friends and was known for all the guys wanting her and unlike me, she has had relationship experience. She spends her weekends at the beach or going to nice places, usually with him or with heaps of her friends. Not to mention she is lucky enough to have sex with a literal God, she gets to see his sexy shirtless body and everything.

The comparisons got worse when her friend attacked me on tiktok publicly (long story, I’m not innocent and kind of instigated it due to my obsession/jealous). She told me how loving and committed their relationship is, how amazing she is, and how i must move on because “he don’t want me”.

I just wonder what it’s like to be her. To not deal with barely any problems in life. To be beautiful and have the best sense of style (she owns
Gucci bags). Sometimes I get dark thoughts about wanting to end it all, because I’ll never be as good as her no matter how much I try.
I’m becoming obsessed with his girlfriend?
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