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Should I continue seeing him even though he lied?

I went on a couple of dates with this guy, we met online. On out dates he was very sweet, considerate and romantic. A really nice guy, who seemed almost too good to be true. For this reason after our first date, I decided to look him up on social media but his settings are very private. I went a little further and looked him up by name and phone number. From there, I found out that he either WAS married or is STILL married to this woman and they share kids together. I found her social media and did not see any recent pictures of them together, only one with their kids one year ago. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and thought maybe he is going through a divorce and didn't want to mention that early on. Until I specifically ASKED him if he was ever married or if he had kids which he looked me in the eyes and denied. I wanted to tell him that I knew he was lying but didn't know how to without sounding like a crazy stalker. He asked me out again and wants me to come to his place for dinner, which makes me think he does not live at home with that woman but why would he keep that a secret? Should I continue seeing him? I really like him otherwise and we have a lot in common.
Should I continue seeing him even though he lied?
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