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He's 8 yo bigger than me, is that okay?

Hey, I'm a 18yo girl and lately I've been talking to a supervisor who worked in my school. I always thought he was cute and thought he was like 22 23 yo, and we hardly ever spoke when I was still in high school except for basic questions. When i finished highschool and turned 18 i added him on ig, and months after that he sent me a dm. We talked a lot and he's really nice but he told me that he was 26yo. He helped me with a lot of issues I had and I've never felt as confident as this with a boy but the difference of age scared me, and friends judged me for talking to him. There are nights when I couldn't sleep because i had anxiety hits like " and if he was manipulating me? "what if he just took the easy way out by talking to a younger girl". After weeks of talking he ended up confessing to me that he knew who I was and remembered several details about me (like the sweater I was wearing all the time, in which hallway we were spoken for the first time , etc) when I really thought he didn't remember who I was. I found it flattering but I overthink a lot for that like « isn't that weird.. etc ». Anyways, I have a very strict dad and I risked it all to see him at a friend's house, in short my father found out and he insulted me bad in front of everyone. I've felt so bad because he was gonna attack the guy, and I've thought he would never spoke to me again. For two days I was really in a bad mental health even if the guy was still talking to me, bc I felt so embarrased for what happened, and the fact that he didn't go to the birthday of his friend just to see me and.. Anyways he made me feel so much better and helped me bc i struggle with some mental health problems and it's been long but he's always there for me. We still never kissed or something and he's very respectful, and everyone knows he's a nice guy. But I know that he's older and have so much experiences because he had a lot of girls, traveled a lot and was dj in several festivals and that he can manipulate me
He's 8 yo bigger than me, is that okay?
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