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Guys - Would this freak you out?

To preface - I haven't dated in 5+ years after my divorce, from a 18 year abusive marriage, so I'm new to things.
I met this guy on Tinder recently and we talked everyday for a week and I explained that I hadn't dated in a LONG time. He was amazing, a true gentleman. We met at a park and had a 2 hour conversation, followed by an invite for dinner that weekend. The weekend came and we had a GREAT time. We laughed so hard our cheeks hurt and could not stop getting enough of each other. He continued to call me baby and asked if I would be his girl forever. Ultimately, after drinking a little too much, we had sex. The first time for me in over 6 years, and he knew this.
The next morning he acted distant and I asked what was wrong. He immediately said I panic too much, which hurt. I asked if he wanted to be there and reminded him of what he has asked the night before, about me being his girl forever. His response was a complete 180 as he said - "I guess I need to watch what I say around you" to which I replied that I never say things I don't mean. He abruptly left.
I messaged him and apologized for my misunderstanding and he never responded. I recently sent flowers to his work saying that I had to try one last time to get him to forgive me for moving so quickly and asking for a second chance.
Would you guys give this girl a second chance, or would getting the flowers freak you guys out?
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Well the flowers are being delivered tomorrow and I’m hoping beyond all hope that he’s the guy I thought he was and that he reaches out and gives me another chance. He just seemed like a soft hearted man and that I scared him with my “forever” comment. I didn’t mean “forever” for gods sake! I know things may not work out but we honestly haven’t given it a real chance yet. Maybe I’m just being naive and tomorrow my heart will be broken even more if he doesn’t reach out.
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He’s the one that said we should have waited and that we should slow things down. I REALLY believe that the screw up was on me acting “crazy” or whatever. Guess we will see today maybe? I’ll keep you guys posted
Guys - Would this freak you out?
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