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🏳️ Running out of ideas on finding girls 🏳️?

I tried just about everything now and nobody likes my looks. I always take showers, shaved and always clean myself up. Nothing. I'm always true to myself. No acting. I tried dating sites but everybody on there is either is looking for money or looking for attention. I tried going out to places but nothing. Face it I'm one of those undateable bachelor guys. I changed my patterns and my conversation patterns. Nothing. Everyone is too shallow here and I can't even move out of town or state to find a place to find a woman. I guess finding a woman is not meant to be. Trust me no one in my town wants to date me because I don't drive and i like both Star wars and Star trek. Everyday it's rejections, rejections, rejections and no winnings. I'm really getting to the point that I'm ready to just completely giving up on dating. she's not out there for me. I can't make friends with a female or anyone. I showed everybody what I can and can't do. Nothing

🏳️ Running out of ideas on finding girls 🏳️?
🏳️ Running out of ideas on finding girls 🏳️?
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