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Why do I always get cheated on?

my last three boyfriends cheated on me, all before a year of being together. i don't sleep around, i've only slept with my significant others. i don't give in too easily either, probably sleep with them around the 4-5th date. i'm 20, and not to be "that girl" but i get told i'm beautiful all the time and believe i'm a pretty girl. i'm successful, about to get my bachelors degree a year early! i have a good job, i work at a hospital and about to be a nurse. i get along with all my significant others and their families, i laugh a lot and have a good personality. my biggest fault is when i have a bad feeling about someone i overthink and get jealous/protective. but everytime i've had a bad feeling, it turned out to be right. just so confused as to why i'm always cheated on/never been in a serious relationship. any ideas? and people who have cheated has it ever been on good people? why? am i doing something wrong?
Why do I always get cheated on?
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