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How to finally forget?

Everyday I get my hopes up that I’ll see him and he will approach me and ask me out or something. And everyday I go home disappointed and sad. I want to know why it makes my heart so heavy. I get so sad bad depressed when we don’t speak but he is always sneaking glances or looking at me or he will go and disappear when we work at the same job. It shouldn’t make me this sad but I really don’t know how to let go. I have tried and nothing works I just always have this thing in the back of my mind that a miracle will happen and blow me away but it never happens that way I just end up feeling awkward and like I’m an embarrassment for liking someone who pays me dust. My question is what are some good ways to forget someone? I have been crushing on him for a very very very long time, longer almost my whole entire grade school years bad we just graduated. How do I release him from my mind? Or how do I find someone who wants me? It’s so hard I just want to get over this situation
How to finally forget?
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