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So I was in this "talking stage" with this boy. We were doing good. We got to know a little about each other. We played around, joked, flirted, etcc.. it was going well until he started getting mad at me for the littlest things 😐... like I couldn't talk to my friends or even post funny things to my social medias. He's a gangbanger so it's kind of hard to get his attention without other females being in his inbox. (Ik he entertained them) but he'd get mad at guys texting and commenting on my stuff but when I tried to flip the script he'd call me a "whore" or insult me. I had went ghost on him for a day then decided to come back because I just liked the way he made me feel. (Minus the insulting 😭 I'd clown his ass too) but I just felt like a spark and ik he felt it too because he'd asked what we were... I didn't know so I'd avoid answering it. I had him simping for me ☠️ and I did low-key simp for him 😏. Then we stopped talking for 2-3 days and again he texted I answered we got back on good terms but now it's like he tried to fight and argue for everything... if yk how these type of guys work he asked me to be his babymomma 😭😭 omfggg that convo was so weird. But moral of the story we fell out again it's been a week since he texted me I'm the one who stopped texting but ig he got the vibe... he still watches my story on snap but I'm trying to see kus I sho don't text first lmfaooo but I'm trying to see if I should yk how Gon get my manz back 🤣👀
Thoughts on topic?
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