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How do I start a relationship based off of a friendship?

Hello everyone,

This is the first time I have posted on this site in a few years.

To start out with I met this girl at my old job 4 years back, I used to work at Geek Squad. It started out that she just came in because she needed help. She was next in my queue, and I began to help her fix her computer. I was just doing my normal routine of treating customers with respect, and being friendly. Since she is pretty damn gorgeous so I went that extra mile wherever I could. She kept coming back and even brought me cookies. One day she put in a missed connections ad in the paper for me. I never reached out to her because I didn't know anything other than her first name.
Fast forward a year later when I quit, I had a buddie of mine that still worked there look her up and we found her. I added her on FB, but she had a boyfriend, So I never did anything.
Fast forward to 2020, and I am just mindlessly scrolling through tinder and see her which I super liked in a heart beat, and she messaged me. This girl has been super interested in asking me questions about myself, and just showing general interest that I dont normally get from other women. I told her that what I wanted to find on tinder was either a LTR or a casual one that will evolve into a LTR. After that she gave me her number randomly.
I haven't dated anyone in 3 years, and my past relationships were based more on lust, and a physical level so they never really lasted.
I want to change that and I'm wondering how can I begin a relationship with this girl based off of a friendship? I kind of don't know whats that like since my past relationships were always based off of sex. I want to avoid being the friend zone at all cost (of course!!). Sorry for the long backstory! Hopefully this question makes sense to someone!
How do I start a relationship based off of a friendship?
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