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Does anyone else also lack interpersonal relationships?

So I’m in my mid twenties and I feel like I am really cursed when it comes to people. I don’t have any close friends, the only people that I interact with on a social basis are online (met through gaming/apps etc). I’m very quiet and am at a point where I’m truly bitter. I do not speak with my family regularly, my father lives out of state & my mother and I are arguing. I don’t like my coworkers and know that some don’t like me either. When it comes to dating, I’ve truly given up. That’s why my mother and I are not talking, she made a statement about how I’m the issue & I play a part in my lack of relationships. I only attract men that I don’t want and the ones I like only want sex/don’t like me back/ are jerks etc. Since I don’t have anyone that can introduce me to people, I use the apps and they’re terrible. People say dating apps work but others say that they’re terrible too. I’m told I’m pretty but can confidently say that I may not be, due to the lack of attention received by the opposite sex.
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Does anyone else also lack interpersonal relationships?
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