I want to be nice tomorrow. TIPS?

So basically I assume I have been undateable up to now, since I never introduce myself to guys, don't instigate conversations with people I don't know, and I never smile at people in the hallway.

I sound like a b1tch right?

I only do these things because I am shy, but if people got to know me they would see I am a very funny and kind person with cooking skills and great artistic ability. does anyone have any tips to meet new people in high school, seem open and nice and look or present myself in a cute way?

Thanks :(


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  • haha I have a friend who is the nicest girl you'll ever meet and she's actually giving me lessons on how to be nice.

    First easy thing you can do- compliment people. Super easy, it can be short "I really like your cardigan!" or "those are really cute shoes" or "your hair looks really nice today!"

    If you know there's a new kid, introduce yourself to them.

    Say "hey" in the hallway and/or smile to acquaintances.

    Those are some easy things you can do(: I wouldn't think you're a bi+ch by the way, just shy!

    • Thanks! Yeah, I'm by far not mean, but my closest friends were like, "I noticed you in the hall and you look really pi$$ed of when you are just walking to and from classes", and I was like WHATTT? So aparently, my natural face is just an angry look, I have very arched eyebrows and pouty lips, I guess that's to blame, but yeah, thanks for the answer! lol

    • haha sometimes when I zone out people say I look pissed too! It must be a natural thing(:

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  • If you're one of those artsy kids, I doubt anyone thinks you're a bitch. Most of you guys live in your own little worlds. Just try to make eye contact with people you know, or say hello to them in the halls. Makes you seem a whole lot more personable, even to people you aren't talking to.


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  • The looking pissed thing = story of my life. Too bad that's how my "thoughtful/concentrated" face look and I'm usually deep in thought when walking.

    Try to be conscious of the tension in your face when you're out and about, it's difficult but you get used to it with practice. As soon as you feel your face tightening up because you're reading or thinking or whatever, just relax and relax your lips too, they tend to curl up a little when you're fully relaxed (its a smile!), at least that's what I've observed with myself. Look like you're having a good day.

    Watch your body language, make sure not to cross your arms, hunch your back or guard yourself with your bag or other objects. Open body language is important.

    Learn the importance of humor in conversation, most people love to joke around to lighten up the mood, they quote shows, movies, situations, or use sarcasm, what have you. It's the best way to strike up a conversation with strangers, from my experience.

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