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Dating guys with a girl best friend?

I want to know how the dynamic works for guys. I know in high school, I had guy friends but they weren't really friends because they thought they had a chance to sleep with or date me.

I've been hanging out with this guy I knew in high school and he has a girl "best friend" that he told me he fell in love with/loved a few years ago I guess. I can't remember if he said they dated or not. He said she realized she was a lesbian. They still hang out too.

It's like almost everytime we're together he mentions her at least once. Like the other day, he let me paint his nails as part of a deal and after he goes "my best friends gonna be like, she painted your nails?" (I've never met her bit I guess he tells her about me)
After I left, he text me saying his best friend said they were cute.

We rode together to a family bbq of his one day and he was on the phone with her before he got in my car. Then at the end goes "love you too" in reply before hanging up and getting in. He more than likely literally texts her EVERYDAY. He'll complain about me being on my phone around him yet he has no problem texting her back when I'm around or His texts will spread out in between if he's hanging out with her.
I was fine with it at first because it seemed ok but now it's like, what is the point of him trying to date me when she seems like top priority even if he makes it seem like she isn't.
25 d
Also, I'm trying to be as nice as possible about it but after a while I feel like I'm just going to end up coming off as a bitch.
Dating guys with a girl best friend?
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