I have never had a girlfriend. Please advise.

This girl and I definitely like each other. We share a lot in common and enjoy talking to each other. We don't get to hang out a lot and haven't gone on any specific "dates" because we both are really busy and live 40 miles apart (we both commute to the same college). This past weekend, I went to a bonfire at her house with her and four other people. I brought some flowers for her and she really liked them. During the night, we wound up taking a walk through the woods, where I helped her over some fences, went to a playground where she stole my hat for a bit and she helped me up from the ground when I fell, and had a very long hug when everyone else had left and I was leaving. It felt like she really didn't want to let go. When we finally did she stood really close to me and said she'd wait up until I texted her that I was safe at home (like she does for all her friends). I don't know enough about dating and relationships to know what to do next, so please help me out here.


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  • Just continue with what you're doing. You sound like a great guy and she seems fun so if she is how she seems hopefully she'll move in on you first. If not ask her on a "formal" date to dinner or a gallery or something you both like near your school...hope to have helped


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