How should I handle this?

OK ill make this as short as possible. this girl I met online is really awesome. had a great date, hug, kiss. had her laughing a lot! one of her last emails to me on the site was " hey I think I am going to get off this site here is my personal email if you want to write. so pre date this girl is calling me first while she is bored at work.. she knows I'm at work at 5 am and sent " have a great day" texts at 5 am and was really pursuing me. post date she returns my calls a day later and keeps her text really short. she is being really difficult! but not pushing me away either. she is still flirtatious in our phone conversations but I have noticed tonight that with my profile hidden on the site that she still has hers up and running and was just online 2 hrs ago. I know its a brand new possible relationship. but I'm kinda like what the hell? should I say anything or just roll with the punches and keep being funny fun and ask her out again?


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  • One date /= commitment.

    Is she a multi dater? Have you expressed that you're an exclusive dater?

    • i really have no idea. she even expressed on our date that she stll had her profile up, but was just getting stupid emails from kinda gross guys.. I don't want to really ask her that question, because then I come off as being way to eager. I'm just going to put my profile back up and not say anything and see if she wants to come after me again.

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    • and then there is girls like this, link why did she even ask the question? poor guy just had a good time with her and just wasn't the smoothest about it hahah

    • Yep games what you get with younger girls.

      About the question girl you're just biased which is understandable.

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