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Advice for dating a recovering drug addict?

I've been talking to this guy for a while now. Everything is going well.
He mentioned to me about his past, and I respect him for that..

Ever since we became close, I got to know a bit of his dating life. His past relationships. How he is. How he functions. With myself being there for him, he tends to overthink... a lot. I'm an over-thinker too. When he overthinks, I do not know how to solve the problem, and I feel bad. All I can do is give him the best advice.
In the back of my mind, it scares me that he's going to relapse on me. What if we get really close and he does that? I really do like this guy. He knows that. We told our parents about each other. I have a family who is really accepting and appreciates everybody. The downfall is, my whole family drinks alcohol.
I even drink alcohol. I'm not the one to get drunk though. I'll have a fancy wine here and there. A drink with a friend/family member. I feel like a 'threat.' You know what I'm saying? He tells me that I help him out so much. That I make him a happy guy.

To throw my question out there.
1. What if he relapses one day and I'm stuck with him? My whole family drinks.
2. How difficult is it to date a recovering drug addict? I'm a patient person.
Advice for dating a recovering drug addict?
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