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Is this guy blowing me off or should I keep playing it cool?

I went out on a first date on Wednesday. It seemed to go pretty well. We made out a bunch and our conversation vibed very much.

After our make out and before he left, my date said he had a really great time, and that he'd definitely like to get together again, but he was going out of town until Sept 8th, and to not think that he wasn't interested in hanging out again, because he was, but he'd just not be around for a bit.

And I was like cool, sounds good. That night after he left I DM'ed him said I had a great time and thanked him for coming over, and gave him my number. He texted me right away saying he also had a lot of fun, and we said goodnight.

I haven't heard from him at all since. I know it's only been 3 days, but I usually get some type of follow up. Granted it's only been one date, I also haven't texted him because I was under the impression he should make the first move. I didn't want to scare him off. I also posted an insta story last night that he hasn't seen yet.

Do you think I'm getting blown off or do you think there's a possibility he's just not a between date texter? Basically, was saying he wanted to hang out again a move or something? Or should I just trust him at his word and not overthink not getting texts?
Is this guy blowing me off or should I keep playing it cool?
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