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Hey guys,
I really like this guy. We have known each other for like 2 months. Been on a few dates. He has met my friends. We were meant to be going out today, but when I rang him yesterday to confirm he didn’t answer. He sent me a text saying hey sorry... I’m in new castle... had urgent work business with my boss. So I was like okay. Maybe we can do dinner instead. But please let me know. He was like okay xo. So I texted him like 2hrs later that I’m trying to plan my day... just wanting to know if you will back tonight so that we can stick to our original plan if not I’m happy to do dinner. I can see he has seen the message but no response. I try to ring him... it rings a few times and it says the user is currently busy.. I haven’t seen this guy for like 2 weeks. I have briefly spoken to him over the phone during the week. But I miss him. I want to know if he wants to do dinner... tonight... what do you do? Do I wait until he messages or calls me... I kinda don’t want to be waiting all day and not hear from him. Or do I call him around midday and see what’s going on.
Liking question?
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