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I have a crush on an employee. Should I tell her?

I will start by noting we are both single and only a few years difference in age.

I have not been in a relationship for a number of years. Through a combination of working overnights and low self esteem and confidence, always been afraid to put myself out there and be vulnerable. Always afraid of the answer. Always overthinking every possible scenario (mostly negative).

Two years ago I changed departments and am back on the daytime shifts. Been working on myself, doctors appointments, dentists, counseling etc. I feel I'm in a better place now.

One year ago I hired the girl I'm speaking of.
She's smart, funny, talented, and pretty. We get along well, joke around and keep things light while working. Only recently have a felt an attraction to her or I could say I let myself feel attraction to her, as I've been focused on work and tend to push my emotions to the background.

She is also recently out of a relationship which I had only just learned but is not the cause of the attraction as I have felt this for a while now, but being her supervisor I've maintained professionalism.

It's not against any rules to date within the company but seeing a direct report could be viewed as conflict of interest.

Then there's the possibility of her not feeling the same way or if she does and it doesn't work out then causing drama in the workplace.

Am I just overthinking things like I always do or should I tell her how I feel?

Thank you in advance internet strangers.
I have a crush on an employee. Should I tell her?
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