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Are my expectations for a man out of line?

So I’m in my mid twenties and never had an actual relationship. I’m told I’m cute so I don’t know why I never get attention from guys. If I do get attention, it’s typically from the guys that I don’t find attractive. And when they are attractive, they end up ghosting/have shitty personalities/ only want sex. I hear of men going for women and these women have them wrapped around their finger. The one guy I dated was not romantic, he knew he was the first guy I dated and only took me to dinner for Valentine’s Day. Considering the shit that some women put men through, I want to see what I can do to have these men wrapped around my finger and control them to see how much influence I have on them. In other words, the more they are able to do for me, that shows how much they truly care for me. I need someone that would bend backwards for me.
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Are my expectations for a man out of line?
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