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Since when is sugar babying morally wrong?

I see more pluses than negatives when it comes to sugar babying. I’m 19, visited a plethora of different dating sites, I’ve been rejected by so many young men on there. I’m a college student who wants to be able to enjoy life and travel. I have been thinking about being a sugar baby to financially help me: 1. Pay for college tuition (parents won’t help me out at all), 2. Put money aside into investments and savings so that I can retire early. I know that this idea of working hard gets questioned and often compared to sugar babies because they are basically looking for the easiest way to get money. I worked in a minimum wage job for 2 years, I know what hard work is I just don’t know if it is the most effective way to use my time. I see sugar babying as a smart and efficient method for investing into my future. I could care less about the glamour and materialistic status, I just want to ensure that I retire early and that is very hard to do these days. With corona virus changing the economy, my generation will be the generation to suffer great consequences later on in life. College tuition is as its highest, property (at least where I live) is nearly impossible to own unless you have a lot of money. I feel bad doing it but at the same time I don’t. Guys my age are jerks and aren’t ready to commit to marriage yet, so why should I wait for them to mature into their late 20s and why should I get hurt in the process. Older men know how to respect women and they don’t play those stupid dating games. Of course, I know that if I chose this path, it would be difficult to date guys my age later on in life. I am willing to go to therapy to work out my emotions if this happens. But since when is sugar babying morally wrong? Only those that are older (like the Boomers) who messed up the economy for us young folks have this jaded view. What are your thoughts about sugar babying in general? Do you see my stance?
Since when is sugar babying morally wrong?
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