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Please Help, What should I do?

Okay so I met this guy on a dating app we messaged for a few days and he gave me his number, we've been texting everyday for only like 5 days now but I already really like him. So day before yesterday we made a plan to talk on the phone for the first time yesterday. So all day yesterday I was looking forward to his call thinking of stuff to talk about, getting nervous. So when I got home from work he texted and told me he was traveling out of town with his dad but he'd be back that night and he'd call. So hours pass and he finally texts me saying he's home, so I start getting all nervous again but then he texts and says he is going to call me in an hour. . . I'm like okay, he just got home he probably needs to shower and stuff so I say that's fine. So an hour passes then another hour. . . he never called! I'm guessing maybe he fell asleep. But either way it still made me feel really sad and It probably shouldn't have hurt that much. So my question is if he texts me today saying sorry he fell asleep or something what should I do? She I tell him that it hurt my feelings? Should I just accept his apology and continue like I didn't cry last night? Should I suggest we text less so I'm not so attached? Should I just stop talking to him all together? I really like him and we have so much in common but I don't want to get hurt already being so into him.
Please Help, What should I do?
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