I have NO idea what the dating "etiquette" is.

OK, I'm in my mid 30's. Been married for over 15 years and I just got a divorce. Needless to say is that I have NO idea what the dating "etiquette" is. I know it's frown upon sleeping on the first date but I just wanted your opinions as far as everything else. Do you kiss, how to act, do you share personal stories...?

Thanks all :)

That was supposed to say "now", lol.


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  • You have to think about what your own boundaries will be and stick with it. Know what you feel most comfortable with and just be yourself. Know your limits and don't do anything you would not feel comfortable doing. Everyone has different boundaries, it's all about finding your own, and knowing what they are before you go out on a date.


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  • Well, mostly things are the same, but a couple things have changed since you were last dating. For one: oral sex is the new french kissing. Seriously!


    • You're an @$$...lmao but you deffinitely had me cracking up just not.

    • hahahaha wow, yes what an a$$ lol but funny ;p

    • Glad you liked it! Good luck with it and have fun!

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