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Should I keep pursue on this guy?

I approached this guy on Instagram. He respond to me very well at first. He is having his holiday at hometown where I also living there. He even accepted my invitation for a date. The date went well eventhough we both a bit awkward because of first time meeting. He seems to likes me too, I know that for the least because I am attractive. When he returned to his workplace, he text me first everyday but then he stopped after 2 weeks. Making me the one who need to texts him first. I called him and asked him about it, he says he is always busy and doesn't really likes texting. So I didn't text him as much as before. Now I only text or call him 1 to 2 days a week. He still respond to me. But he never really open up to me much. I tried to discuss about a girl he mentioned on the date which he interested because of her beauty. Surprisingly he said he can't recall any. I was confused. He said he is always there, so don't need to worries about him. Yes, he always reply me whenever I text him, I know that. But I don't understand why he never text me or call me first anymore. All he does is stalking my stories on Instagram.
Should I keep pursue on this guy?
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