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Why is this guy being so rude to me in my opinion?

I am training at this new job and I might not be the best but either way I’m not the only one and I wouldn’t say I’m the worst but we where put in groups and he ended up in my group and he was like you better not mess this up etc and he always calls out my name or calls out my name as in picking on me I guess I mean his 19 and I’m 23 so I understand he might be immature but even the girl that was training us was like why do you always gotta call out her name like that and than this one guy asks me like hey do you know that guy or is he you’re cousin I was like no? His like why does he always pick on you? You think he likes you? I was like I’m pretty sure no more like prob Hates me, honestly I’ve never been in this situation only the opposite like I had this problem one time and this guy came over randomly not really knowing me and got on my side. So I’m not sure should I tell him to stop or what the heck his prob is?
im 23 by the way so she is incorrect here
Why is this guy being so rude to me in my opinion?
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