Girls, asking for her number or leaving her my number?

So I met a girl in public, those one time opportunities you see someone for some moments, both like each other and give positive feedback, there is little time to talk and then I'm asking if we should see again and she say yes.

What's best, to ask for her number or to leave her my number ? Please explain why, and what do you think about the second choice, would you contact him if he left you his number ?

I didn't say if she asks, because usually the man start the talk about phone numbers, read the question properly.


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What Girls Said 1

  • I guess it doesn't really matter either way as you actually wanna call her =)

    I guess there's always the case of some guys just saying 'shall I take you're number' with no intention of calling/texting ever again, but in this case either way I don't think it matters providing one of you has a number...

    I guess if you ask for her number that'd be flattering for her, but if you give her your number it might be more direct, like I'd read that as 'oh, he actually wants to meet again', it's just whether you want to put the ball in her court to call you?

    Good luck, hope it goes well =)


What Guys Said 1

  • I would be flattered if a girl asked for my number.

    So just say, "maybe you cud leave me your digits"