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What should I do now?

So for a month or so my coworker (the mother) has been trying to set me up with her daughter. She always talks about her daughter in front of me. Every opportunity she gets she mentions her daughter and talks about her. However, she says that her daughter does not want a boyfriend because of school. Now, I don’t know if she is saying this because I have not said yes or no.

Today, I talked to her privately and told her that I wanted to talk alone because too many coworkers are around. I feel like she either misheard me or I didn’t word it properly (we wear mask all the time so it’s difficult to understand). I then told her I don’t mind talking to her daughter. Her reply says that yeah, daughter is not looking for boyfriend and said that she will not mention about her daughter anymore. I didn’t mean to say not to talk about her daughter but stupid me didn’t correct myself!!

After that, i can just feel that my coworker sad. The mood was definitely different. I didn’t say anything regarding it either and now looking back I feel very bad and I actually wanted to give it a shot with her daughter. But stupid me. I didn’t play it right

How do I proceed? Talk to her privately again or text the coworker and what should I even say? Or let it go? She is very sweet and kind lady!
What should I do now?
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