Would you date your friend's sister?

There's this guy who's a friend my leg at one point in the night. There was even one occasion of my brother's and I can't help but be attracted to him. We get along, we talk and joke and sometimes he teases me. One time he was drunk and he was flirting a lot, he even ran his leg up and where he randomly texted me just to tell me something and it turned into a text message convo. But the problem being he's my brother's friend. What would you do guys? Would you date your friends sister?

On a side note I have dated a friend of my brother before...he wasn't a close friend and my brother stopped hanging out with him before things ended with us but my brother gave me his OK saying "you're an adult you can make you're own decisions"

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  • Okay... Okay. Hold up, I have been in the exact same situation. I dated and hooked up with my best friend's sister and that ruined my friendship with him forever and then I lost her. Which totally tore me up. I regret it yet I don't because I've learned my lesson that friends are worth more than a date and a fun time.

    If your brother is protective of you. Do not date his friend. If your brother doesn't like guys hitting on your or being around you as a boyfriend and touching you in a physical way, I would not date his friend.

    If you hide that you are dating and secretly seeing your brothers friend, you'd have to tell him one day or another cause hiding would probably make his friend guilty and make you feel bad that you're hiding something from your own family member.

    I was honest, and yes it screwed me over, but it shows integrity.

    If you go through with this, I wish you luck that your brother actually accepts it. because I wish my best friend would have accepted me being with his sister. I loved her very much, I would've given my world to her and I gave her my all then she left me for someone else.

    It comes with great risk if you go through with it. I learned the hardest way ever by losing a best friend and a girl I loved.

    I would hate to see you lose your brothers trust and see him lose his friend.

    • Most guys don't want their friend dating family members because they know what a douche their friend can be.

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