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Would you date a feminine guy?

I asked this recently but I'm reposting as I only got one reply last time.

In many ways I could be described as being more traditionally feminine than your average guy. I paint my nails, I love pink, I like scented candles, I prefer women's shower gels and deodorants over men's and I own some women's clothing which I like to wear in private. I realise that this is all very stereotyped but I have often wondered how this would affect my chances at dating hypothetically (I'm not actively dating and never really have been).

I'm told some of my mannerisms are quite feminine too. I've often been asked if I am gay. My friends are mostly male but I have sometimes thought it would be nice to have more female friends.

If I were to get into the dating game, would I really have a proper chance? Are there really any women who like feminine men?
Would you date a feminine guy?
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