Girl gets angry I didn't text?

So this girl gets angry at me when I don't text her. she's like you have number should have texted me. What does this mean, my friend says she must have some feelings for me.

Yeah she was like "Well you have number Dummy"


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  • I agree with your friend. If she didn't have feelings for you, she wouldn't really care one way or the other if you sms'd her or not.

    Ya know how when you like someone, what they do and say has more impact on you, than it would if you didn't like them? Its just like that.

    She wants your attention, and wants you to be thinking about her like she's obviously thinking about you.

    Though I semi agree with the angry anon guy below too...if she wants you smsing her, then she should realize that it goes both ways, and maybe she should shoot you one first.

    • She doesn't for some reason though. But I texted her today and she respond QUICK. We were responding really quick to each other haha.

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    • Well I message her on Facebook all the time. And I am always first. I don't know what this girl is expecting...

    • Ahh, girls suck huh? I seriously feel sorry for straight males. I'm a girl and even I don't understand how we act most of the time. :)

      I guess, sit her down and explain to her that she's being unfair and ask her what exactly it is that she wants. That's the best way to find out...straight from the horses mouth.

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  • some girls are attention seekers and get upset when it's not given.

  • This means that she definitely has feelings for you and she is upset at the possibility that you might not feel the same way about her.


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  • Woman likes to control, they will deny it, they will get angry when we tell them they like to control, she will like that you comply and text back.

    The question is now, where can you find one that doesn't like to control.

    Or do you like it, you better because if you try to find an excuse every time you don't text back, will be a challenge, she will break you and make you obey.

    She have feelings for you, but are you ready for this?

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