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Does this guy sound like a stalker?

The obvious answer should be yes but I’ll explain anyway. Around winter time last year, I was speaking to someone through an app. He used to message often even though I was short with him and came across as disinterested. We just stopped speaking after a while & rekindled a few months later on the same app. I finally decided to give him a chance & meet up. I honestly can’t remember why I stopped speaking with him before, but I think his persistence turned me off. I was direct and told him that I don’t get a romantic vibe after meeting up with him. And the next day, he tells me that he deleted the dating app and wants to focus on slowly building a relationship with me. I pretty much told him that he was fucking crazy and I will go to the cops if he contacts me again. I haven’t heard from him since but the guy can’t take a hint and that’s an indication there’s a loose screw.
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Does this guy sound like a stalker?
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