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What do mean by short and petite?

Everything being equal, 85% of ladies aren't short, just 15% of ladies are. I barely ever observe that numerous ladies under 5'2, in truth that is normally the cutoff as I would like to think for really being short as that is one standard deviation from normal. Most ladies are 5'2+, however what do men mean by "short and dainty?" I expect its relative as a 5'8 lady seems to be "short and unimposing" to a tall man, yet not different folks. So what is the stature run? Measurably the normal tallness for a lady in the USA and different nations is 5'4 this implies any ladies 5'3 and up isn't viewed as short by definition. 5'2 ladies are somewhat short, yet its sort of the stature that is in the middle of normal and short as I would see it. So by "short and dainty" I'm expecting its generally 5'2 - 5'7 ladies that fall into this as that is most classification yet dominant part of these ladies aren't by definition short. I dont know
What do mean by short and petite?
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