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Is he still interested and should I chase him?

So there is a guy who I added on fb and he appeared really interested. He would read my message right away and reply. He would send me screenshots where his friend call my dog his. He sent me a sensual song. He would examine my messages.
He was crushing big time I can say. But when I told him that I like him, he said friendship and mentioned seeing another girl. I said Oki but there was something that I could not understand about him. I did something wrong and got him angry. He left. I am chasing him but he ghosts me. He reads my messages but won't reply. I wanted to know if a crush's interest can decrease and do you think he likes me?
p. s later I discovered that the girl in question is a his ex who he is having a hard time letting go.
Is he still interested and should I chase him?
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