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Is there something wrong with me?

I've gone through three boyfriends in one year, and several crushes, but none of them end well. (All bfs were online because I'm "not allowed" to date irl.😒)
boyfriend No. 1: He seemed genuinely into me. We clicked so easily. I gave him all my time and attention. But, then, there were internet problems and I was gone for six months. When I returned, he was still into me, but I miss seeing him ONE DAY after I come back, and he's cheated on me with a 10-year-old, telling her that I said he and I were just friends!

boyfriend No. 2: He didn't consider us together, but he and I did things that were more than "just friends". We were both in a lot of pain when we met. Again, I click with someone. I tell him the deepest pains of my heart, and he promises to take care of me. I fall so deep for him, but then, he disappears for a month. When he returns, he acts like nothing happened, and doesn't even bother telling me what happened. I shrug it off, but he does it again, and when he returns, he says that he's doing awesome and he got a girlfriend after swearing to me that he "wasn't ready for a girlfriend".

boyfriend No. 3: This was short lived because I am straight and he wasn't. He had a horrible temper one minute, and acted like he was the victim the next. He also had a possessive (and supposed) "sister friend" who went so far as to lie about me hurting her when I hadn't even spoken to her. But what ended it all was that, after promising that he wouldn't let anyone hurt me, he attacked me for not being all in on supporting LGBTQ+, even though I said that I supported and respected him as an individual (which covers far more than just sexuality).

Now, I just helplessly crush on people who are already taken, and it hurts every time.
But, is there something wrong with me? They start out sooo interested, but then they just drop me like I died.
I give everything to keep them. Am I doing something wrong? Are all boys my age like this?
Is there something wrong with me?
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