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Why don’t dating apps work for me?

I’m in my mid twenties and truly have the worst luck when it comes to dating. I’ve been on and off the apps, I have no success 99% of the time. Why I use apps? Because I have no friends. I’m told I’m attractive & there have been times when I was thinner and heavier in my life. I thought that with weight loss, I’d get more guys giving me attention but that isn’t the case. I get attention on the apps but the attractive guys seem to only want sex/are jerks & ugly guys are all over me. Attractive people I see always get attention & get dates from people in their league (people equally as attractive as them). I know I’m not a 10 but hoped that I would get attention from good looking guys. I will say, the guys that I find good looking & seem decent, are usually my height or only an inch taller. I’m not that tall (above average height) & refuse to date someone that short. Am I the issue?
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Why don’t dating apps work for me?
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