Could it be possible that your partner settled for you?

I believe that’s what my boyfriend did. We have been dating for a few months. He pursued me but it’s like I can’t really compete with the women I see him give his attention to when we’re out in public or even just on Instagram. By attention in public I mean he stares like every guy, which isn’t a problem. He is still a heterosexual guy but it’s the kind of women he stares at that makes me feel insecure. I don’t look like them. I would say it’s just Instagram but something just tells me he’s doing more than just double tapping pictures. I even once saw that he reposted some girls photo on his Instagram story. One was half naked and the other was just a pretty popular Instagram user who only post her best pictures, with the best angles, lighting, not too much makeup and some filter. I don’t even wear makeup. I keep my hair done, nails and feet as well but I don’t consider myself as sexy as the women I believe he prefers. I’m not overweight or anything. I’m pretty slim and small also short. I’m not hideous or ugly. I’ve been complimented as being “cute” or “pretty” but I still don’t think I’m want he wants and that those Instagram women and the women who look like those Instagram women In person, are who he would rather be with. If they’re were to give him a chance or reply to a dm or even react to him liking their photos, I’ll probably be out of the picture.
Could it be possible that your partner settled for you?
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