How long until contact after date?

Went on fifth date with guy last night - meal then DVD back at his place, and did lead onto sex but didn't seem like that was the only reason he'd asked me back there.

I think it went well and left late with him saying that he'll see me soon. (he'd asked me to stay over but I had to get back for my daughter)

I texted him when I got in to let him know id managed to find my way home thanks to his expert directions. (Joke as I'm useless) He didn't reply last night and hasn't yet today.

Just looking for opinions on how long you'd normally wait to text a girl? Or thinking maybe I should wait a couple of days and give him a text?


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  • Any longer than 3 days he has used you. Normally it would take up to early the next day, not even that and I bet by the time you get a reply you'll have been waiting too long, his reply will consist of excuses and apolagies for why he's not texted you. Its typical.

    I wouldn't be suprised if he had taken advantage, it depends on your personality, guys make out they don't want something, but they are not what they seem. you say you have a daughter? did he know that? maybe he's just annoyed you didn't stay over, but I can't see how that's possible unless he's controlling and likes getting his own way but who wants someone like that?..

    Dont text him you were the last one to text him, why should you feel the need to chase him if he's putting off contacting you...

    • Hes known I have a daughter since we first went out, defo used me. Texted me last night and said, sorry for not getting back to you, been really busy in work today, maybe do something again soon. major annoyed with myself, too naive I guess, annoyed as he for seem like a genuine guy. couldn't believe my luck that he actually liked me. All part of the dating game I guess, need to get my skills brushed up again lol

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  • Well I'm in the same spot in my relationship with this one girl and once we got to the point of sex we generally talked everyday since then. There was one day last week where I didn't hear from her and the day after just small talk via text, but now back to talking everyday, seeing each other every few days. So IMO I'd give him some time, maybe 3 days max, if he doesn't text you send him a text saying something simple like "hey how you been?" or "how's your week going?" just something simple to break the ice and see what happens from there.

    If I really liked a girl I would want to talk or see her and not wait too long.


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  • I obviously can't advise you on how long a guy usually waits... but I can say as a girl DO NO CONTACT HIM! As a general rule, don't send two messages without hearing from him. Especially in the early stages. I hate all those games, but it's worth it so you get things off on the right footing. Hold out and wait, do something you enjoy to keep you from dialling that number!

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