Don't know exactly what to do...any input is more then welcome!

OK, so I went out on a first date with this guy. I really liked him a lot and wee had a great time, laughed for the most part, he took me out to dinner, and we parted like 5 hours later! Just as I got home he texted me saying he had a good time, and he would like to go again sometime. I said sure...this was this past Saturday.

I texted him I think like 2-3 times, to which he responded very cold and short, and the last message he didn't even acknowledged, so I stopped texting as I don't want to make him feel smothered, so is it maybe too soon to contact him? And if I don't hear from him at all, do I just let it go.

Thanks all!


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  • I wouldn't contact him. While things sounded great to begin with time will shed light on the subject. The fact he seemed to go from hot to cold so fast is a bad sign. The fact you met on a dating site likely sheds more light on the real answer here---there is a very strong chance he's talking/seeing another or multiple women. Not that there's anything wrong with that at this point, obviously, but you need to be fully conscious of the probable scenarios. The issue isn't that, the issue is a lack of respect towards you by how he's treated you when you tried to reciprocate his interest in you. I would continue "looking" if I were you.


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  • Yes, maybe he got engaged the last couple of days, or got an answer from the dating site. Just forget about it.

    • Sarcastic much? lol, And yeah, maybe he DID get an answer from a dating site, as that's where we've met ;-)

  • why do the posts from 30+ women always seem to sound the same as the ones under 18?

    • We...the 30+ women still have questions that we need help with. Imagine if we all felt that we shouldn't ask, then you'd have nothing to answer to.

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    • i think you should wait for him to contact you now, youve done enough and he has to show some initiative. There is no way to know what's going on with him, could be anything so don't over think it just go about your life. might be time to move on might not be.

    • I'm doing just that really..not much else to do, and I ain't going to contact him no more- It was fun, it wasn't THAT fun, lol. Thanks for your answer ;-)

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