What do you do when a guy wants you to cheat?

So I am recently dating someone and his best friend want me to cheat on my boyfriend.

i REALLY LOVE MY boyfriend. But I really like his best friend 2.

What should I do?


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  • I have a hard time believing that you truly love your boyfriend if this is a serious dilemma for you. How can you care about someone and be willing to hurt them?

    Just don't do it. If you want his best friend so much, dump your boyfriend. But keep in mind that his so-called best friend isn't a very good friend if he wants you to cheat.


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  • Your boyfriend wants you for who you are.

    The guy who wants you to cheat on your boyfriend just wants you for sex.

    Do you want to be treated like a woman or an object?

  • This is an easy one...

    Repeat your question to yourself several times in front of a mirror..

    Get it yet?

    You don't REALLY love your boyfriend and I am thinking your boyfriend either put him up to it or they are really not best friends...

  • Choose one. Think about the pros and cons of each.

  • you and that other guy sound perfect for each other, you should dumb your Boyfriend and go after the other guy.

  • Whatever you do. Dump your boyfriend before you get together with his best friend.


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  • No good can come of doing anything with this other guy. Why?

    1. What kind of a best friend swoops in on a girl his friend is dating? This guy is no friend.

    2. This guy is ONLY looking to have sex with you, then will leave you in the dirt because he will see you as nothing more than a skeeze.

    3. Do you love your boyfriend or not? Is he your boyfriend or someone you recently started dating? I see you are under 18 so I guess I understand the confusion, but you don't sound very certain of your relationship. Maybe you should figure out what you really feel for your guy first.

    4. Even if you broke it off with your boyfriend, dating his supposed best friend would be a huge mistake. This guy is either a total low life or he just thinks you are some sort of easy girl that he can score with. In either case, don't you deserve better?

    5. Are you and your boyfriend having sex or making out? He may have spread the good news to his buddies and now his friend wants a piece of the action. I would start wondering what your boyfriend really thinks of you. He may be saying things that are not cool.

    I hope you sort this out in your favor. At your age I made the mistake of kissing and falling for a guy who was seeing another girl. I cannot say she was a friend but she certainly became an enemy when she busted me kissing him and my life and reputation was shot for a while. It was awful. And the guy, as much as I was attracted to him, was a total jerk who treated me very badly. He saw me for an easy target. Don't go down that path.

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