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How do I build my trust in him?

I literally have no reason not to trust him. He's such an incredible guy, and has never once done anything with any other girl while he's been talking to me (that I know of?). He's told me that he isn't a player and doesn't do one night stands, but I suck at trusting people.

From what I've gathered from him, he doesn't want to hurt me. So why can't I trust him? There's this girl who commented on his post, and also went and liked pretty much all of his old posts... and while they may be just friends, my head goes and assumes the worst. How do I stop this and just put my trust in him? I feel like me not trusting him could be because I used to be a bit of a player, so I assume people will do the same to me.
How do I build my trust in him?
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