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Was cutting him off the right thing to do?

Hi everyone! This guy i met in high school and i just recently started talking after graduation, and we hit it off pretty quick. He was taking me out on dates, met my family and i met his, and was kissing me and holding my hand everywhere we went (for about 2 months) . When i asked him what we are, he said “he doesent know what he wants because he’s ‘confused’. He said he wanted me to be around, and we should still “chill as homies”.. and then he told me i’m his ideal girlfriend he just doesent know if now is the right time.
After that i said okay, dropped off all his hoodies, blocked and unadded him on everything, and left the group chat i was in with him. Was this the right thing to do, i feel like i overreacted? I don't know. Im still pretty hurt and confused.
Was cutting him off the right thing to do?
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