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He's being distant?

I've been living with my boyfriend for 3 months now and most things are great but he's quite distant
Today for example I only seen him an hour in the afternoon then he went upstairs he came down at dinner time for 3 hours now he's away for a nap
Thing is when he says his napping I've noticed he's online
Normally I wouldn't care but its becoming a regular thing i feel like there's no time for us
He isn't a very affectionate person but u thought living together woulda helped
But I spend most time on my own we dont even go to bed at the same time
I'd love lay in bed and cuddle and be more intimate and affectionate with eachother

Its really making me over think and feel self conscious
Do you think he's pushing away from me
Could he be interested in someone else

What would u think
He's being distant?
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